Carpintero line extinct in pure form in early 2000s. Fortunately we were able to preserve in our kennel descendants of this line represented by Hanon los Tercios and Morita de Valdezufre.

Breeding in this line is a challenge of the very highest standing in meaning of managing and preservation rare breeds.  Despite these difficulties descedants of Hanon and Morita are in our kennel.

Mammut is grandson of the Hanon los Tercios from the mother site and grand-grandson of the Hanon los Tercios from the father site.

Sufi is daughter of the Hanon and Morita.

Hanon is grandson od Nemesio de Valdezufre ( Carbonero son) , Morita is daughter of the Moro de Valdezufre ( Moro’s mother is sister of Nemesio).

This close kinship is broken by the outcross with Quijote line we made. Hito – father of  Mammut is son of Quijote and daughter of Hanon.


Cecil Romero in his kennel presents podenco paterno

Breeding of Mammut and Sufi enters the next level our recovery of the carpintero line. We expecting dogs with characters and conformations of Hanon los Tercios and descendants of Carbonero del Condado de Niebla in Valdezufre kennel.

To understand basic for this step in our breeding program we should back to 2014. This was time of breeding Morita Valdezufre and Hanon los Tercios. Both dogs are descendants of Carpintero line. This line was developed by Manuel Jarren in late 80ties and early 90ties. His kennel de los Cuadrejones and twin kennel Condado del Niebla were located in Huelva. Main breeding were located in his farm “La Rondana”. Consequence work by Jarren resulted in his dogs and their descendants in local hunting packs. Jarren build Carpintero’s line touched by strong expression of this dog. Even if Carpintero wasn’t similar in the shape to alano but more to Spanish presa, some of his descendants looked very promising. Recuperation presented its potential in this case and Carpinteo must have been related to primal alanos. Especially three dogs crowned Jarren’s job in this line– Carbonero, Pantera and Carbonero’s son – Romo. Pantera was used in those days by most progressive kennel of alano breeding in 90ties Los Tarantos. Los Cuadrejones finished breeding and Manuel Jarren kept only Romo as the crown of his work. Legacy of Los Tarantos kennel was continued in the early 2000s by del Pumarejo kennel.

Valdezufre is a Village in the mountain range located about one hour driving northern east from Sevilla. Cecil Romer owner of the rehala and kennel in Valdezufre was one of the heirs of the Jarren’s breeding legacy . Thanks big number of dogs Cecile’s kennel was one of last stands of forgotten descendants of Carbonero.

Vengo Mammut x Vengo Sufi

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