Encartationes dogs -line Family los Hoyos

Mother of current liter is Chula de Arbaiza- she is imported 2 years ago from the Spain -region Encartationes - area where survived descendants of Spanish alaunt and where started recuperation program of the breed.

She has great character - is still ready for the work and follow me like a shadow - She is big, very muscular, athlete with bog cardio and represents line los HoyosFather of the litter is Vengo Mammut - male breeded by us in line of carpintero - he has somuch power tha will be enough for 3 other dogs, enormous cardio and catching instinct -parallely very smart and gently.

Vengo Mammut x Chula de Arbaiza

photo gallery of the litter

vids of pups

Litter Mammut and Flecha is another breeding in Quijote line.  Trademark of our kennel is softly improved by influence of  Hanon represented by Mammut.  Mammut is descendant of Hanon of both sides as grandson and grand-grandson. Therefore benchmarks of Quijote as agility, cardio and ultimate catching would be improved of size and  unique alaunt characteristic transmitted by Hanon’s descendants.

In recent seven years we did real in line breeding of Quijote. Flecha is basic for this job as one of best female in all Quijote descendants. Her noble shape of galloper, dual suspended run, great proportions and conformation with strong drive make ultimate Alano. Breeding lies in two processes: improvement and preservation. Both depend on transmission from ancestors to descendants.  That's make the great dog in breeding. Flecha is dog of this kind. Previous breed of Flecha with Hierro and Hito have resulted high quality offspring represented by Hilo and Kana. 

Our attitude to Alano breeding is serious and based on orthodox principle about Alano. Shape of Alano should reminds the greyhound  with strong head. Movement should be similar to greyhound as well, powerfully kinetic  dual suspended gallop makes Alano unique in mollossers.

Origin of this litter is unique because of strong relation to two great dogs archetypically icons of this breed – Quijote and Hanon.  Quality of current litter based on the fact our attitude to the breeding of Alano and serious breeding program did since 11 years.  In practice that means that know each dog from the pedigree and 11 ancestors of the pups living in our kennel. 

Attitude makes the difference

 Flecha xMammut

Vengo Mammut X Vengo Flecha

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