Rebolera del Pumarejo is daughter  of Altamira de Castillo del  Encinar. Altamira  was a last living pure descedant of Carpintero line , in the first decade of new Millennium .  This line was lost. The best specimen of whole line - Romo de los Cuadrejones lived in Condado del Niebla county until  2005 for sure, maybe longer. He wasn’t use in breeding as he deserved .  Anyway breeding in Carpintero’s line isn’t  easy.  Most dogs are heavy bones, any dual suspended gallopers, problems with immune and fertility.   Altamira was unique female because of her strong, rustic expression . From father’s site rebolera was improved by Hispano del castillo del Encinaar. Hispano was in these days used for developing own line in south Spain . He transmits balanced character with typically catching instinct , size , power and wanted conformation of the body with great cardio and long distance run abilities. Rebolera inherited her mother appearance, character and movement. She reminds in a shape and movement big, dark cat. All females in this line weren’t demons of speed included iconic Pantera del Condado del Niebla . But Rebolera was incredible agil and in  her actions moved like big drop of liquid .

Rebolera  was breed once, successful  , just in her mother line of Carpintero.  Her daughter  Vengo Cadabra and granddaughter Vengo Irrduga are still In breeding program. She transmits well strong expression typically for her line. 

Rebolera del Pumarejo

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