Alfalfa wasn’t  use in the breeding because of her untimely death. Her pedigree seems to be unique  in second decade of 2000. That imagine how breed evolving and reducing of diversity.

Alfalfa had brilliant character – brave, balanced and noble. She perfectly catch since youth age. She followed everything our dogo  argentino  and our lead alano male – Airon the las Tinieblas and thanks these two guys catched 100kg boar female in age of 8 months.Alfalfa’s ancestors like Atilla or Thysson were very close to Spanish presa and their conformation was far away from wanted Alano’s runner shape.  Alfalfa developed  very nice, wans’t tall but not too robust and has great dynamic and speed.The plan was to mounted her by Camillo de los Tarantos  but it not happened

Alfalfa del Pumarejo

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