Flecha is unique for us, as most complete alano in our pack. First of all - her rapid instinct of catching combined with enormous agility and body control makes her to ultimate catching dog.  Secondly her character transmitted from grandma Calabria and indirectly by famous hunter  Curro– tough, stubborn and focused on catching only.  In fourth generations in female line we can observing evolving of conformation – From Alusca de Maienza, Calabria de las Tinieblas, Vengo Araya to Vengo Flecha . Perfect head proportion and scissor bite were completed by better and better conformation of body and running abilities. Using of  Carpintero line by cross Calabria x Troll resulted in stronger bones, longer coat, and slowly developing of Araya. She became to complete  in age over 4 years.

Flecha developed very slowly too. Under leadership of our most experienced catcher – airon de las tinieblas , she started successfully catching cattle. In action she reminds mostly hunting serval. The spectacular double suspended gallop and perfect line with final jump for ears catching is most typically for alano.  Flecha, similar to her mother, likes work with back up of male. In this situation she is in berserk passion.

Vengo Flecha

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