Airon was very special dog. His noble character has led us to own life of Alano preservation and breeding. Airon’s origin based on Curro de Tameran.  Curro was iconic of catching, working dog. Airon was his ultimate descendant. So brave, tough, smart and ruthless in catching and holding work , parallel gently  and social. Unique combination of characteristics, that is essential for the breed. His life could be script or novel.  Boar’s and cattle catching, few missing in the hunt and looked him for the hours.  24 hours rescue  mission in Carpathian forest when Airon was run with wolves pack. Wolves rounded  him. I followed his barking and wolves howling in the night, calling his name. It worked out , wolves back off and  I  find him finally on the ridge , in the mist,  between spruces. Magical moment  when we looked each other  in moonlight, green/blue glow ,mist condensed on the trees and long way down back to the home.  Airon was  then 9 years old. Enough strong to hold 700kg cattle and charismatic to lead our all pack of the dogs.  His first boar trial was with big 150 kg boar female and it was  perfectly for him. I as unexperienced in this issue choose  to big board, but the tougher he better. This life motto for all Alano but sounds perfect especially for him.

For most is hard to imagine that we not decide to breed him. These decision when your most loved dog not match objectively to breeding program separate breeders from dog owners, dog reproduces or just dog lovers.  Airon was breeded as offspring of  most effective big game hunting dog in the Spain in early 2000 –noticed above Curro.  Line breeding as it did in Curro Issue works if the main dog transmits wanted characteristic and not unwanted.  Curro line was definite influenced by boxer. It is nothing strange in working packs. Boxers have strong catching instinct and hold prey very well.  But they have strongly brachycephalic head, long lips and these features are not wanted for long distance runner by reducing of breath capacity. Other problem is not enough longitudinal body , back’s line and legs angulation. Not dry head with many wrinkles and too much skin , rounded eyes and to flat stop are consequences of strong brachycephalic  head  belongs to boxer mixed ancestors. Most important characteristic of Alano is be a light molloss with amazing long distance gallop abilities, run in dual suspended gallop. We decide to keep Airon as great working , family dog not for breeding.

Airon de las Tinieblas

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