Coming litter is sequel of our current line based on Hispano.  We still improve ANCAE line of Hispano to vengo alanos in desired type of oldschool dry shaped runners.

In each litter we are  a step closer to this point.  It is possible  thanks great features of quijote  and his perfectly transmitting  to descendants both morphology and character. Quijote has list of outstanding descendants like: vengo brytan, vengo hierro , vengo deore, vengo flecha, vengo fango and fiero. All of them have very good structure of runners and big abilities to work , great instincts, stamina and catching skills.

Vengo alano should be a light build athlete dog for long distance run with stamina and resistance for big game hunt or cattle managing.

Alano should moving in smooth and dynamic gallop. Tis is essence of alano.

Gamess , resistance, stamina, cooperation with other dogs and sensible for human orders, mute and smart in action these are trademarks for this great breed. We not resign of any point of character of ancestors from Encartationes and select their genome to archived alaunt with all typically features for this mythical type of catching dog.

Regular, lazy, feline movement, big flat head with slanting eyes, strong jaws and quick reacting that change these  animals from sleepy big cats to windy beast almost fast as greyhound with triple power of it ,  going only forward in each challenge.

For these characters will be help us Estrella. Daughter of Hanon and Jamona.  She is adequate to her parents – great expression like her father with archetypically morphology and amazing catching instinct. Her llight build, mute and never give up was  similar to old blood fighting pits in behavior. Jamona was unique in her character, fast like a wind and stubborn to get a target. Mute follow the master like a shadow.  Estrella has it as well. Her morphology is dedicated for run an successful catch. She is flexible , fearless and fast  in movement in tough terrain. Her smooth motion in mountains  slopes is so natural like track of the drop of water. She is our hope for next step to received spanish alano  in high level .

vengo estrella x quijote de caracuel

Crown of our pursuit of last 7 years of our alano breeding. Not too heavy words because of Cadabra. She is descendant of line the Carpintero – foundation –stone of ANCAE.  Main problems of this line is the bulldog shape and oversize and the biggest advantage is amazing expression.  In Cadabra’s pedigree Carpitero appears twice: in father’s and mother’s line.  In mother’s line we should focus on grandma – Altamira – one of the last pure representative female of Carpintero line.  In Cadabra’s father side–his grandpa – Mamut was pure descendant of Carpintero’s male.Altamira was very feline in shape and movement, very rustic,  with deep expression. She was resource for  alano’s characteristics.  Rebolera   (Cadabra’s mother)  is very close to Altamira inshape – her cat’s movement  and smooth energy is not close to primal noble and powerfully sighthound’s shape of spanish alaunt, but her characterized feline features and incredible agility fulfill  important part of breedmarks. She got charisma of her grandmother – Pantera del Concado de Niebla.Mamut was strong, big bones dog, similar to presas used in north Spain for cattle management – chatos . Mamut like his father – Chato de los Cuadrejones was not a alano in the shape. His biggest advantages were powerfully catching instinct, healthy and stamina. Description of these both ancestors could looks ridiculous in context of  our selection for  primal alano structure and run abilities. They were not perfectly runners  or typically in shape of bodies and heads.  But breeding is not easy and legible at first sight. To understand this work we should know, that  in Carpintero line appeared  dogs of correctly structure like Belmonte – grandfather of Altamira and secondly we belived in diversity - integral fact of multiple litter.


Because of this fact in each litter appear dogs similar to their historical ancestors . And it is still thesis for alano breeding and it works! But Cadabra’s born was impossible without  influence of  her grandmother of father side.  Calabria is from last litter of Curro -  amazing catcher, hunter and legendary dogs because his abilities for work.  Mother and grandmother of Calabria transmits great structure that is dominant  for this line.

Finally it happened – in litter of Rebolera and  Albahio born female included only advantages of her ancestors  and light build runner structure. This was pure trick of breeding that’s why we called her Cadabra.  She inherits strong drive as well and is very protective. Title of this breeding is adequate to father of coming litter as well or even more. Hierro includes all features, that alaneros are looking for.  For Hierro is not too big obstacle to overcome , not too long distance to run,  not too big prey to catch. Hierro is sensitive for commands, easy in handling during work, very fast, always ready for big challenges  and this all in great structure of galloper. His head is wide , flat with smooth stop and suitable long muzzle withy perfect scissor bite. Dynamic movement is transmitted from his mother side thanks Emperador.  Hytasa – Hierro’s mother- is synonym of stamina and the best confirmation,  that in tough selection of alano survived only the fittest.

Kichot -  Hierro’s father is descendants of Hispano line. Kichot is like machine – he is still in the work , still in run. He transmitted all his advantages to Hierro

We believe in coming litter that including all lines, that we have in our breeding program.  We believe in new generation of vengos, closer of another step to primal spanish alaunt.  We know all features  of these dogs and therefore this litter is so important stage of our pursuing in alano espanol race.

Vengo Hierro x Vengo Cadabra

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