Troll de las Tinieblas was descendant of Caprintero line. Troll’s father Mammut de Castillo del Encinaar was one of most influenced dogs from this line. Big bones, strong structure,  dick skin and expression of spanish presa was combined with noble, balanced character, high game, perfect catch and hunting abilities. Troll belonged to las Tinieblas kennel. We used Troll once with Calabria for her first litter. He transmitted most characteristic typically for Carpintero line but improved by Calabria. Troll from mother’s  site was linked to Curro the Tameran and his ancestors – important Curro’s mother Tizona. Her quality is visble in our female line started at litter Troll x Calabria – Vengo Araya , Vengo Flecha , Vengo Kana.

Troll de las Tinieblas

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