Coming litter of alano espanol is continuing of progress line of QuijoteVengo Hilo represents this line  as ultimate male in 4th generation. Noble, balanced character, very social, strong hunting instinct , long distance runner in perfect dual suspended gallop , perfect cardio and breath capacity, so important for catching dogs. Hilo has very good conformation and perfectly transmitted  his characteristics to offspring. His first litter has exceeded our expectations.  Pups received not just parent’s conformation but a bit better, what is sense of breeding. Each generation is better and closer to prescript ideal. Vengo Orbea and Vengo Octagon represent this idea.Chula represents very old and noble line from northern Spain linked to long tradition cattlemen  family. From these dogs started recuperation of Alano.Chula has conformation of ultimate canine runner. Her movement is very dynamic and speed incredible, cardio and cooperation with human is trademark for this line .She transmits her perfect character and runner shape ,strong expression and details of conformation typically for Alano .This litter should diversity Quijote line, improved it and be another step in establishing  of proper Spanish alaunts generation

Vengo Hilo x Chula de Arbaiza

We mounted Kana by Pantero and her pregnancy is already confirmed. Kana is the best  Quijote’s descendant that we breed ever. She is very tall and athletic as female. Most females in Alano race are medium or small in size. Size of Kana in 66 cm of tall is comparable to males with 32 kg on the scale. Her shape is typically for gallopers. She reminds in distance strong  greyhound.  Big flat head, is dry without wrinkles and too much skin, tightly lips,  scissor bite, oblique  eyes. Top quality Alano conformation in Kana’s issue is completed by outstanding movement in dual suspended  gallop , high level game and huntig.

The biggest difference in Alano to other catching dogs are running abilities and hunting. Alano is hunting dog , so fast and top level cardio, that easily follow the any prey and catch it. This characteristic is perfectly transmitted to Kana by her father Vengo Hito.

Light shape and perfect movement is transmitted to Kana by her mother – Vengo-Flecha.  Flecha and Hito are offspring of Quijote, therefore Kana represents ultimate descendant of this line. In our line breeding is very important transparency of breeding in meaning of origin each line’s ancestor. In kennel are living four generations constituting the line. This is important to create the line because of concrete ,wanted  treats to establish. Breeding isn’t  synonymous for reproducing of dogs isn’t even  meaning for selecting dogs for mating.

Breeding is working on heredity.

Dogs breed in line, like Kana, need breeding upgrade in outcross . It could be realized in two ways as linecrossing or outbreeding. Because of specific nature of Alano we decided on combining linebreeding and linecrossing. In this system mating are constrained  so that following a linebred generations are then linecrossed. This system based on bloodlines. Establishing of the bloodline based of two thesis: Heredity is the passing on of traits from parents to their offspring , variations between individuals can accumulate and cause selection is possible.  Bloodlines are important as reservoirs of genetic diversity within a breed and maintaining these a genetically healthy resources for the breed is important. Distinct bloodline within a breed helps to manage the genetic material of the breed so that relatively  isolated pockets within the breed maintain some genetic  distinctiveness. Functional and vital lines  help maintain viability in the breed. Bloodline within a breed  gain important and necessary benefits  by upgrading  using other lines. The level of genetic distinction between bloodlines is lower than that between breeds. The level of breeding  of a candidate to be considered as a strain or bloodline is therefore not as high as that required for inclusion of the true upgrade into a breed. The situation with upgrading in dogs is complicated. Because of politics modern cynology dogs breed are absolutely and formally closed gene pools. This state of affairs in purebred is considered as a big value. It is important for dog breeders to acknowledge this, and to begin a discussion of potential remedies. Especially in Alano that come from very low number of initial dogs. One of them is use of dogs come from a similar foundation and serve similar functions.  This all abstract is important to understand breeding method of Alaju founder . In this line are upgrades as outbreeding incl dogo argentino – mother of Alaju Aliseda or ancestros of Alaju Bruja incl presa canario.  In pedigree of Pantero are valuable upgrades of strain from Encartationes native landrace called Villano as well. That make Pantero’s line extremely interesting and valuable for diversity our Quijote’ s line.

Pantero represents line breeding for Alaju Ristre – hunting dog  and descendant of first generations of recuperated alanos.  These were dogs of Alaju line, Viesques and Ponce de Leon were benchmarks for future breeding of Alano race.  All  these dogs linked in origin of Ristre’s father – Charco de Corrican. Carlos Contera (Alaju) used Charco in consecutive recreation of Alano based of his primal line. Ristre was one of most promising dogs of this breeding. Marcos Martin did consequence work in breeding Ristre with his females in classic line breeding method.

Characteristic of Pantero’s ancestors combined in big size dog – 70 cm tall, but not heavy and pretty agile,very well balanced , with hunting instinct.

Pantero has typically coat for alaju dogs – very thick and soft.

It sounds interesting and we excitement waiting for this litter. I believe in amplifying of both lines and prospecting effect. I know it presents a picture of Alano’s breeding as quite complicated and sophisticated but is truly image . Breeding is not just mating two good looking dogs without carefully study of their origin or two “champs”.  Based of titles from beauty contest is not just stupidity but serious crime for this magnificent breed. It is just another story.

Pantero de Marcos Martin x Vengo Kana

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