Hanon is now our main stud male. He is impressive, archetypically alano. This male has that all what is typically for this breed. Hanon is relative big and strong with structure of galloper. He has amazing strong catching instinct and his grip is very powerfully.  He holds firmly and with big passion.  His silent behavior with focusing on the target and compulsive attack is similar to big cat’s predators. His movement is similar to big cat’s lazy walk as well. On the long distance hanon is running  in short gallop , save energy mode like likaons or hyena but for catching he changes it in beautiful , lengthy gallop. His run changed than in impressive series of long jumps like a truly greyhound on the run.

This is dog for big spaces and hard work on the farm or in the big game hunting.  He doesn’t like enclosures, cities, walking on the leash , doesn’t like any limits but he is easy to control  in his any kind of  primal job. I mean imprinted following the pray and catching it. Doesn’t matter how big is target and the harder , the better for him. Morphology of hanon in each point is excellent, his expression is stunning. Very important is fact that he good transmits his attributes for descedants.


Hytasa is a synonymous for stamina, power high energetic dog. She is evidence that alano was under strong selection and survived only the fittest.  She is strong compact females with great structure. She transmits features for puppies as well.  Her last litter with quijote brought us magnificent litter with so awesome dogs like : deore ( boyka) or hierro.  She is very friendly , is still in close relation to her master, absolutely neutral to other dogs. Her passion for cacthing and holding could be compare for pitbuls from game lines.  Deep ambar colour eyes have great expression. Hytasa’s skills for running and her agility are absolutely on top level of canine species.  In the action she is like the missile. She could be great fighter for the boars and family dog as well.

Hanon de los Tercios x Hytasa del Pumarejo

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