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Vengo Barbero X Vengo Valdezufre

autumn 2023

The breeding is like a story. You can tell the story from different perspectives. Our perspective is genetic. Based on a retrospective of over 1,000 years of historical alano selection and the present realized breeding plan. This means a different approach to the deductions of Alano breeding, which we have been implementing since the beginning of Vengo Kennel in 2005. Alano features from the past are preserved in the DNA of dogs from the region that the pioneers of breed recovery chose. Because of all the factors that influenced the recovery process. It must be continued with the breeding techniques required for a limited number of dogs and the selection set to maintain the unique characteristics of the breed. These assumptions are visible in the origin of the present litter.  Cooperation with progressive breeders – I think here first at all about our dear friend Daniel Vincente Lopez located in the heart of Andalusia - brings the effects of genetic diversity based on effective breeding in lines built on the most outstanding dogs selected in the open field - where Alanos belong by their nature. In this litter, you can see the effects of four breeding lines. Carpintero, in its pure form, became extinct in the early 2000s.  It took us 14 years to laboriously play this line. First step was Morita Valdezufre. Her granddaughter Vengo Valdezufre is the mother of the present litter and her name pays homage to the place where dogs of Cuadrejones and  Condado del Niebla kennels survived in Rehala of Cecil Romero. Morita Valdezufre has been with us for over 14 years. Her hard character and health are in the packaging of a typical bulldog. However, the Alano genes have already been shown in the generation of her granddaughters. Stamina, power, expression, and marks of this line are represented by the mother of puppies. Vengo Barbero bred by our dear friend Veroslav Orlovski located in the scenic green hills of Bohemian Moravia. Barbero meets the DNA of three lines. We developed the Quixote line. Quixote unique in every respect is the son of Hispano, whose line was created in Andalusia. Consistent breeding in the Quixote line led us to breed Vengo Hilo and Vengo Kana. Below is a reminder of the steps of our breeding plan that led us to this point

Carpintero on the left and Vengo Mammut recreated in this line

Morita Valdezufre and her daughter Orbea

Morita Valdezufre and her daughter Orbea

Quixote and his son Hilo

Hilo and his father Hierro with his grandson Sznurek

In line-based breeding, it is very important to maintain a balance between stable maintenance of line features, its distinguishing features, and genetic diversity. Breeding selection cannot be absolute as natural. Natural selection enables effective selection based on a very small number of individuals initiating the population. Especially with high environmental requirements. An example would be reindeer from the Svalbard archipelago or Cheetah. The breeder must anticipate phenomena that may appear in line based on experience and knowledge.

Maintaining the line gives you the opportunity to cross them. This increases genetic diversity. It could be realized in two ways linecrossing or outbreeding. Because of the specific nature of Alano, we decided to combine line breeding and linecrossing. In this system, mating are constrained so that following a linebred generations are then linecrossed. Bloodlines are important as reservoirs of genetic diversity within a breed and maintaining these genetically healthy resources for the breed is important. Distinct bloodline within a breed helps to manage the genetic material of the breed so that relatively isolated pockets within the breed maintain some genetic distinctiveness. Functional and vital lines help maintain viability in the breed. Bloodlines within a breed gain important and necessary benefits by upgrading using other lines. The level of genetic distinction between bloodlines is lower than that between breeds. The level of breeding of a candidate to be considered as a strain or bloodline is therefore not as high as that required for inclusion of the true upgrade into a breed. The situation with upgrading in dogs is complicated. Because of politics modern cynology dogs breed are absolutely and formally closed gene pools. This state of affairs in purebred is considered a big value. This is a serious problem, especially since animals with a number of consequences of lack of genetic variation have a reputation as valuable as pure race. Few people remember that the concept on which modern cynology is based - breeding purebred animals dates back to 19th-century Germany. Based on these assumptions, crazy theories arose at the beginning of the 20th century that led to gruesome crimes and the idea of the Aryan race. This digression requires a separate discussion. Returning to the current litter, it is impossible to ignore the importance of the grandparents of these puppies - Vengo Kana and Pantero Marcos Martin

Kana and Pantero

Kana is very dynamic, athletic, and tall in light shape. She is the ultimate running, hunting catcher. Thanks support of Daniel we can use Pantero de Marcos Martin to upgrade Kana. Pantero represents line breeding for Alaju Ristre – a hunting dog and descendant of first generations of recuperated alanos. These were dogs of the Alaju line, Viesques, and Ponce de Leon were benchmarks for future breeding of Alano race. All these dogs are linked in the origin of Ristre’s father – Charco de Corrican. Carlos Contera (Alaju) used Charco in consecutive recreations of Alano based on his primal line. Ristre was one of most promising dogs of this breeding. Marcos Martin did consequence work in breeding Ristre with his females in the classic line breeding method. In Alaju line were upgrades as outbreeding incl dogo argentino – mother of Alaju Aliseda or ancestros of Alaju Bruja incl presa canario. In the pedigree of Pantero are valuable upgrades of strain from Encartationes native landrace called Villano as well. That make Pantero’s line extremely interesting and valuable for diversity our Quijote’s line. Characteristic of Pantero’s ancestors combined in big size dog – 70 cm tall, but not heavy and pretty agile, very well balanced, with hunting instinct. Pantero has a typical coat for Alaju dogs – very thick and soft.

Alaju Ristre

Charko de Corrican - ancestor of Ristre - his origin based of dogs from recuperation made in the late 70ties by Carlos Contera. On the right - Alaju Godo, the most successful recovery effect in third generation in recuperation breeding 

Carlos Contera and his Alaju alanos , on the right Carlos , me and Hilo

Line crossing or outbreeding should be realized by use of dogs that come from a similar foundation and serve similar functions. Following this assumption in the Quixote line, we introduced Chula de Arbaiza. Chula represents very old and noble line los Hoyos from northern Spain linked to a long traditional cattlemen family. From these dogs started recuperation of Alano. Chula has the conformation of the ultimate canine runner. Her movement is very dynamic and her speed incredible, cardio, and cooperation with a human is a trademarks for this line. She transmits her perfect character and runner shape, strong expression, and details of conformation typically for Alano. The association of Hilo and Chula gave a very successful litter with great physical and mental characteristics. All dogs inherited athletic build, high height, ability to dynamic, dual-suspended gallop. Vengo Sznurek has the most desirable features for us to continue breeding. We associated him with Vengo Etma.  A strong, agile female with a strong temperament and catching instinct, great work with cattle. Its agility and elasticity are worthy of the legend of Alano. Etma is the daughter of Vengo Brytan from the litter of Quixot and Calabria de las Tinieblas, the daughter of the legendary hunting Alano-Curro de Tameran. Careful selection for the generations described resulted in a strong, fawn dog - Vengo Uboot, with great character and skills of the hunter.  Working as a hunting and farmer dog at Veroslav ranch in scenic Moravia.

Chula on the left , Etma on the right

Calabria de las Tinieblas

Vengo Queda and Vengo Uboot

Litter of Kana and Pantero was strong and pups developed in big dogs with noble shape, expression of ancient Alanos and big cardio. Vengo Queda had a litter with Uboot. Pups inherited their sizes and character from their ancestors. That's how we get to Vengo Barbero father of current litter. He is a big, agile dog with great character and definitive conformation. Puppies after Barbero and Valdezufre have very good origin as You can read above. This genetic expressed in each, past generation in Alanos with visible Asian origin - head shape - wide and flat, without excess skin and slanted eyes. Body shape of long distance gallopers, with great run abilities with typically dual suspended gallop and avid, natural born hunters with powerful catch.  The current litter will have these features with very well balanced, social behavior  and strong expression emphasizing the characteristic beauty of Alano.

puppies from current litter

Estoque Mosquetero x Vengo Negra

spring 2023

The current litter is continuing developing of Quijote line as representative of typically alano as a hunting, long distance galloper with dominant catching instinct. Noble in the shape and mind. Developing of this line is proceeding lightly in linebreeding mode used linecrossing is a breeding technic. It is used by us for increasing variability and belongs to so-called outcrossing or outbreeding techniques. Outcrossing is the philosophical and biological opposite of linebreeding and involves the mating of animals that are not related and we not use it in our breeding program yet.

The term “linecrossing” results from using animals from two different bloodlines within the breed. It brings advantages such as vigor, reproductive efficiency, and all effects of the term “healthy” incl reducing all issues of the endocrine system. The quality of the offspring in linecross mating depends on the previous selections made in each of the lines.

Vengo Negra is a result of the first step of linecrossing made with Vengo Brytan . Etma is daughter of Brytan and Veleta del huerto de los Leones. Veleta represents nice combine of one the oldest and most envolved kennel in alano breeding – Guadana and one of most progressive kennel Noite.

Estoque Musquterros comes from the line of Quijote marked by outstanding dogs like Drogo, Hierro, and Hito. This combination was crossed by the female called Pampera in origin within the oldest lines of modern alano - Alaju and Vieques. Both parents represent pure athleticism and running skills at the top level. Noble, typical conformation for long-distance gallopers and catching instinct.

Estoque Musqueterros

Vengo Negra

Vengo Negra and her newborn pups

Vengo Negra