Vengo Negra and her new born puppies

Vengo Negra

Vengo Negra and her newborn pups

Vengo Negra

Estoque Musqueterros

Estoque Musquterros comes from the line of Quijote marked by outstanding dogs like Drogo, Hierro, and Hito. This combination was crossed by the female called Pampera in origin within the oldest lines of modern alano - Alaju and Vieques. Both parents represent pure athleticism and running skills at the top level. Noble, typical conformation for long-distance gallopers and catching instinct.

The current litter is continuing developing of Quijote line as representative of typically alano as a hunting, long distance galloper with dominant catching instinct. Noble in the shape and mind. Developing of this line is proceeding lightly in linebreeding mode used linecrossing is a breeding technic. It is used by us for increasing variability and belongs to so-called outcrossing or outbreeding techniques. Outcrossing is the philosophical and biological opposite of linebreeding and involves the mating of animals that are not related and we not use it in our breeding program yet.

The term “linecrossing” results from using animals from two different bloodlines within the breed. It brings advantages such as vigor, reproductive efficiency, and all effects of the term “healthy” incl reducing all issues of the endocrine system. The quality of the offspring in linecross mating depends on the previous selections made in each of the lines.

Vengo Negra is a result of the first step of linecrossing made with Vengo Brytan . Etma is daughter of Brytan and Veleta del huerto de los Leones. Veleta represents nice combine of one the oldest and most envolved kennel in alano breeding – Guadana and one of most progressive kennel Noite.

Estoque Mosquetero xVengo Negra

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