Cadabra is lightest female from all her siblings. She is descendant of heavy bone line dog called Chato de los cuadrajones.  Chato was a spectacular dog in type of spanish bulldog .  Cadabra is strong female with big muscle, energetic with serious protection instinct. She has typically full grip in catching and compact scissor bite. As other females from this line Cadabra is born for work. She loves run, loves big challenges. She is stubborn as old style bulldog and very  tough . She is extract of combat dog for much  bigger enemy. Her gallop is in style similar to wild dogs, she cans cover big distances.Body of Cadabra exemplify power typically for Chato’s descendants  however  in form of galloper. This shape of alano espanol is most wanted.  Cadabra unified strong structure with shape of long distance runner. She is very typically and similar to primal dogs  in body and in the mind.She loves exploring of rough terrain during activity she stays sensitive for commands and signals form her master .

Vengo Cadabra

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