Current litter is out of in line breeding and interesting because of females  -both grandmothers are very well shaped, with high drives, strong and big.
Grandma  of mother's site Calabria is synonym of stamina, power and drive. She is last daughter of one of the most famous catchers in the breed – legendary Curro de Tameran.  Curro wasn’t  perfect in conformation of  Alano but was perfect as working dog, catching dog and dog in generally. Calabria is ten years old and she is still in this same shape as 7 years  ago. Her size and expression are adequate to her ultimate character.
Grandmother of the father’s site – Estrella is daughter of  Jamona de Ferrer de Tall and  Hanon los Tercios.  Jamona is a dog with very interesting pedigree and perfect abilities for endurance activity. Light build, mute and never give up was  similar to old blood fighting pits in behavior. Jamona is unique in her character, fast like a wind and stubborn to get a target. Mute follow the master like a shadow.  Hanon is powerfull catcher with devil’s expression .  He transmitted to Estrella size and expression. Jamona transmitted excellent movement and endurance . Estrella’ shape  is dedicated for run an successful catch. She is flexible , fearless and fast  in movement in tough terrain. Her smooth motion in mountains  slopes is so natural like track of the drop of water.  Estrella is spanish alano  in high level .Grandfather of mother site is Troll de las Tinieblas – descendant of powerfully dog in ancient Spanish presa type – Chato de los Cuadrejones . This line is characteristic for stamina, strong structure and ultimate catching.
Grandfather of father site is Quijote. Unique one. His movement, balance, drive - perfect combination to be a base for our line. Quijote moves rapid in any terrain and is still interesting in work. Great mate and support  in any job for catching dog.Truly working dogs from both sides  appeared in parents of current litter.
Hito –son of Quijote and Estrella linked both studs dogs – Quijote and Hanon . Hito is even more energetic  than Quijote and has bigger drive and primal stubborn focus on a prey as a Hanon . His shape is more rustic than noble Quijote and in movement he is like a bullet of powerfully muscle. In catching he is nightmare for a prey and in hunting he is active in big range.
Araya is  big and strong structure female  thanks her both parents. She developed very slowly. Her coat and face makes her look very cute, but she is ultimate catcher and serious guardian.
We are expecting litter with strong structure and strong instincts even stronger than previous Araya’s litter – with so well working dogs like: Vengos Fiero, Fango and Flecha. Well balanced character of Araya’s kids is famous thanks popular male Fugazi  used by biggest  and most progressive French alano kennel –Lovlos Alanos or Vengo Fibra using by del Pumarejo Kennel in Seville .  Characteristic of current litter will be short  - high stamina, powerfully catchers with typically structure for endurance athletes - as Alano use to be.

Vengo Hito x Vengo Araya

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