This litter is addition of both lines breed in our kennel – our own developed Quijote line from Hispano line and original for ANCAE Carpintero line. Litter’s father -Hilo( pedigree name Jerte) – son of Hierro and Flecha is so close to aim of Alano as we can dreaming. Character, conformation and movement of Hilo are just from our wish list. He loves to work, great balanced, very social, holds powerfully, his shape is similar to strong sighthound with big head and movement is great, dual suspended gallop. Breeding of Hierro and Flecha was in line of Quijote and was spectacular, especially in males of this litter. Pedigree of Hilo is closed for breeding in Quijote line. He has any characteristic of Quijote, that we want to preserve. Question is how Hilo transmits these features? Since three years we worked on other line based on Carpintero. hese powerfully dogs are famous because of strong expression that so fascinated Jaren Nebot, feline movement and muscular structure. We expect puppies combined strong expression with lighter structure or gallopers and strong instincts.

Vengo Hilo x Vengo Sufi

Litter Hito x Etma is our another step of establishing Quijote’s line. Quijote deserves for his own line because of unique combined features and character. His character, movement, balance, drive and conformation - perfect combination to be a base for our line. Quijote moves rapid in any terrain and is still interesting in work. Great mate and support  in any job for catching dog. Hito –son of Quijote and Estrella linked both our main studs dogs in past years – Quijote and Hanon. Hito is even more energetic than Quijote and has bigger drive and primal stubborn focusing on a prey as a Hanon. His shape is more rustic than noble Quijote and in movement he is like a bullet of powerfully muscle. In catching he is nightmare for a prey and in hunting he is active in big range. Very well works at cattle. Etma de Villacanar combined lines of famous Guadana kennel and Quijote line. Father of Etma- Vengo Brytan ( Quijote x Calabria) was one of the firsts excellent descendant of Quijote – perfect shape in big size with great potential to work. Brytan was use as stud male by our friend Daniel in Spain. Brytan transmitted worse than his father, but some of his offspring was good. Especially in combine with Guadana line – example could be Sura de la Guadana. Etma’s origin of mother site based on work of  Noite kennel. David (Noite owner) breed in determination for recover primal shape of Alano. He trust to line of Guadana as one of most devoted breeder to Alano in entire Spain. Antonio Artero ( Guadania owner) work since decades firmed to original Spanish alaunt, impassive to trends and modern standards. Etma is rustic in shape, with great agility, rapid and well work with cattle. Present mating could be important improving for last 8 years of our breeding.

Vengo Hito x Etma de Villacanar

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