Hanon is relative big and strong with structure of galloper. He has very strong catching instinct and his grip is very powerfully.  He holds firmly and with big passion.  His mute behavior with focusing on the target and compulsive attack is similar to big cat’s predators. His movement is similar to big cat’s lazy walk as well. On the long distance hanon is running  in short gallop , save energy mode like likaons or hyena but for catching he changes it in beautiful, dual suspended gallop.

This is dog for big spaces and hard work on the farm or in the big game hunting.  He doesn’t like enclosures, cities, walking on the leash , doesn’t like any limits but he is easy to control  in his any kind of  primal job. I mean imprinted following the pray and catching it. Doesn’t matter how big is target and the harder , the better for him. Conformation of Hanon  and his expression are  stunning.  He transmits his features for descedants very well.

Hanon los Tercios

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