Dzidek is son of Calabria and Troll . Very typically as  descendant of Chato de los Cuadrejones . Troll was a grandson of Chato. He transmitted big bone structure, strong coat and impressive catching instinct. Typically for them is lazy cat-style movement. Dzidek represents , like most dogs in this line,  more characteristic of Spanish presa  than Alano. He is very nice dog in generally but he not hopes  for transmission characteristic of  Alano.

His mother Calabria  de las Tinieblas is synonym of stamina, power and drive. She is daughter of one of the most famous catchers in the breed – legendary Curro de Tameran.  Curro wasn’t  perfect in conformation of  Alano but was perfect as working dog, catching dog and dog in generally. Calabria’s size and expression are adequate to her ultimate character. In some of Curro’s descendants were visible characteristic of his magnificent mother –Tizona . Unfortunately often her transmission was covered by unwanted influence of presa and boxer.

Dzidek is out of our breeding program.

Vengo Avispado (Dzidek)

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