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We are entering new decade as the kennel. It is right moment for few remarks our work system and philosophy.Is very easy to write praises for own dogs or write criticism about others, put some photos presented skills and conformation. Much harder is presenting consequence, perseverance and results in consecutive generations. ( more about that on our just edited BLOG )

New story

We are kennel focused on alano espanol called "Vengo". We have got 26 dogs of this breed and 11 dogs are in our breeding program . Our dogs and kennel are register in Spanish National Club of Breeders of Alano Espanol – ANCAE (Asociación Nacional de criadores de Alano Español). ANCAE established because of main reason to preserve existed bloodlines of alano in pure form. This was consequence of breeding work of Manuel Jaren Nebot in his “de los Cuadrejones” kennel and related “del Condado del Niebla “, both located in Andalucía. Work of Senor Nebot was milestones in modern alano espanol breeding because of establish concrete bloodline and zootechnical background. Thanks his job, appear in alano breeding experienced breeders like Diego Bermudez and guru and mentor of next coming alano‘s generation– Javier Parra.  Javier’s passion transformed to new kennels like Pumarejo. Consequence breeding in step-by-step formed benefits of Hispano line. This is the best-established bloodline in alano espanol breed now. We are working on  two lines paralelly. Own one – Quijote line, that originate from Hispano line in last ten years of our consistent breeding work. Second one is restored Carpintero line from Valdezufre’s pack.

Our aim is primal Spanish Alaunt in pure form and instincts. Balanced dog, noble in shape and behavior , ultimate big game hunter , high-cardio runner and catcher.

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New vids taken in last weeks



Alano Espanol puppies, a litter of 

Estoque Musqueteros  x Vengo Queda

New Litter of Alano Espanol

Spring 2024

New litter is born in April 2024