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We have got 30 dogs of this breed in the kennel and 14 dogs in this group  are in our breeding program. The rest  is retired in age of 10 years and more. Our dogs and kennel are register in Spanish National Club of Breeders of Alano Espanol – ANCAE (Asociación Nacional de criadores de Alano Español). Because of breeding in the program we have got in the kennel  four living generations of our lines. Each breeding is a step in recovery and preservation of legendary Spanish Alaunt.

 We are breeding in two lines - Quijote and Carpintero. We are looking in our breeding program for ultimate long distance gallopers, good balanced, social with stamina, big breath capacity, fearless catchers with primal catching instinct. In conformation we are looking for features followed to alano’s function:

Long legs with strong, muscles thighs and shoulders

Longitudinal body,

Capacious chest

Powerful neck,

Voluminous snout with big  powerful jaws and long and wide muzzle.