Gamess , resistance, stamina, cooperation with other dogs and sensible for human orders, mute and smart in action these are trademarks for this great breed. We not resign of any point of character of ancestors from Encartationes and select their genome to archived alaunt with all typically features for this mythical type of catching dog. 

Regular, lazy, feline movement, big flat head with slanting eyes, strong jaws and quick reacting that change these  animals from sleepy big cats to windy beast almost fast as greyhound with triple power of it ,  going only forward in each challenge. 

For these characters will be help us Estrella. Daughter of Hanon and Jamona.  She is adequate to her parents – great expression like her father with archetypically morphology and amazing catching instinct. Her llight build, mute and never give up was  similar to old blood fighting pits in behavior. Jamona was unique in her character, fast like a wind and stubborn to get a target. Mute follow the master like a shadow.  Estrella has it as well. Her morphology is dedicated for run an successful catch. She is flexible , fearless and fast  in movement in tough terrain. Her smooth motion in mountains  slopes is so natural like track of the drop of water.

Vengo Estrella

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