threats and contradictions

Breed standard is an essential tool for the breeding, should be a mental picture that drives selection decisions by breeders.This picture for Alano is description from medieval book wrote by French noble – count and avid hunter Gaston Phoebus:“
…the good alauntes be those which men call alauntes gentle. They that be gentle should be made and shaped as a greyhound, even of all things saveof the head, the which should be great and short. … For the good alaunte should run as fast as a greyhound. Most common (alaunt) should be white with black spots about the cars, small eyes and white standing ears.”
Most breeds are removed from their  environments and are kept only as interesting relicts by hobbyist lose much  of their powerful contribution to human endeavor and also lose much of their relevance. They indeed lose much of their genetic  make-up due to changes in selection  pressures. Modern breeding tendency lose much of the genetic distinctiveness that originally contributed  to their role in specific settings . Tendency to homogenize animals across various breeds is especially true of dogs, as the original purpose of many breeds is increasingly  changed  to their role as companion animals. Despite this trend some dog breeds do continue with their historic roles.
In Alano breeding are some contradictions.
Conformation of alano is an inner contradiction– light body of sighthound  with powerfully head is hard challenge . Big scull implicated in most issues big bones. Unique morphology of original alaunt existed  with all details of his massive flat head, smooth stop and small slanting eyes.  Not forget about  continuity alano of Asian ancestors . They influenced for alaunt form and type. In modern alanos we see influence of Spanish presa, but  this primal characteristic is to find as well and is most valuable  for receiving  wanted type. 
"We might even be able to evolve an exact reconstruction of a dodo by selectively breeding pigeons" Richard Dawkins "The Blind Watchmaker "1996Sentence wrote by Dawnkins above, presents very well idea of alano breeding. This is the attempt for receiving desirable dogs - from the dogs, they probably have genes of spanish alaunt, but their confirmation and some features aren’t desirable at all.
Dogs selected in Encartationes were not Alanos but foundation group for Alano breeding. This is  another contradiction
Breeding of Alano means  not just reproducing in simple-minded  way of dog beauty  contest .This is  carefully process to ensure that the traditional working   abilities and the  mental character of these dogs are conserved corresponding genetically distinctiveness and proper conformation.

Standard should be a mental picture of the breed


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