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Vengo Kana

Vengo Kana is one of most complete Alano in our pack . She is magnetic in her presence. Just charismatic  in very athletic shape and size, and parallel  wanted and typically runner’s conformation. Her perfect movement and as so typically as rare in the breed today dual suspended gallop.  A bit stubborn, balanced with nice expression , slanting eyes in deep amber color with amazing hunting instinct.  That stand out from other catching dogs. Kana represents ultimate Kichot line. Typically wide and flat head with oblique eyes. Scissor bite, dry head ,tight lips.

Followed  the standard closed in sentence  “alano is a dog in shape of greyhound with powerfully head with flat cranium, with small slanting eyes, moves like greyhound in the run with incredible game…” .  She is most complete for me at the moment.