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Vengo Hierro

Hierro combined all features that anyone fascinated in working dog is looking for.  He is always ready for new job and always looking for new orders. He is quick in reactions, catch fast in full grip. Moves fast in stylish, extended gallop. In distance he looks exactly like powerfully greyhound or standing or running.  His light shape is established. Alanos are looking often well in youth but in age of 3-4 years they changed in conformation of moloss. They lost tuck up underline and abilities for endurance gallop in greyhound style, that should be significant for this breed.   Hierro, like his father Quijote, keeps perfect body, athleticism without overweight. His flat, wide head is significant for alaunt descendant. Hierro’s  move forward  in full dynamic run and quick look back –“ what we are doing next, where is a target?” This is the quintessence of his character - ready for any challenge